“AUSTIN REPORT” makes its regular schedule debut...


“AUSTIN REPORT” makes its regular schedule debut.

AUSTIN, IN – Oct. 2, 2008 – "Austin Report" in its first season as THE show that covers Austin and Scott County, begins its regular schedule today. “Austin Report” will cover a variety of topics each week, including news, upcoming events, and sports. Nathan Chandler and Ben Raichel will handle on-air duties for the first show. Fourteen students will comprise the cast and crew of the “Austin Report” throughout the first semester.

“AUSTIN REPORT” SPECIAL EDITION BREAKS NEW GROUND: The “Austin Report” premiered two weeks ago with a special edition. After the massive damage that affected Austin and the surrounding communities, the “Austin Report” offered special, comprehensive coverage of the damage. The “Austin Report: Special Edition” featured footage from not only Austin, but other counties affected. The opening scene of the “Austin Report: Special Edition” was footage of the storm as it happened, shot by one of the members of the “Austin Report” crew. The first interview conducted by the staff of the “Austin Report: Special Edition” was with Scott County School District 1 Superintendent Berley Goodin.

“AUSTIN REPORT” ONLINE: The “Austin Report” can be seen on Scott County cable channel 25, and throughout the Austin Educational Campus each broadcast day. Expanding coverage right from the beginning, shows can be found on the website of the “Austin Report” at www.scottcounty.tv

PROGRAMMING HIGHLIGHTS: This week on the “Austin Report” will include coverage of one of the biggest events of the school year, Sunshine Week. A new feature, “In The Morning” will debut along with “Austin Report.” Highlights of Austin High School’s first round tennis Sectional matchup will also be shown.

MORE DEBUTS: More programming news will be revealed during the debut of the “Austin Report.” In addition to the already mentioned “In The Morning” show, a third new show will be revealed. In the upcoming weeks, another debut is expected, as Scott County TV begins the winter sports schedule. The schedule of Scott County TV will be revealed on the “Austin Report.”


Thursday, Oct. 2

Tuesday, Oct. 14 (Note: Special Date, Fall Break Edition) Thursday, Oct. 23 Thursday, Oct. 30 (Note: Special Halloween Edition) Thursday, Nov. 6 Thursday, Nov. 13 Tuesday, Nov. 25 (Note: Special Date, Thanksgiving Edition) Thursday, Dec. 4 Thursday, Dec. 11